Blue Effect

WARNING – You are now entering the abyss. A place where your abilities will be tested, patience tried, and bravery put through the grinder. You’ll either come out victorious or have your ass handed to you over and over again. Welcome to Blue Effect.

The game’s core creepy atmospheric sounds are composed by Star Wars and Warcraft composer, Jaroslav Beck adding another scary and meticulously designed environment.

Survival kit

Little Buddy – Do you like the satisfaction of vaporizing an enemy? The burning thrill of shooting a weapon. Well, look no further. Little Buddy, a deadly precise laser pistol that packs a punch, vaporizing anything in its path. And if anything gets too close, the pistol acts as a heavy hitting melee weapon.

Enlightment – State of the art illumination orb technology powered by Blue Effect energy helps you to enlight the darkest places and spot every enemy.

Blue Effect – A rare energy source developed by Lumos corporation that powers your equipment and is the catalyst for your mission, the people that hired, and the events that will unfold.

The game also entails

  • Immersive 3D binaural 5.1 surround sound
  • Advanced Orb Physics for precise control
  • Procedurally generated waves of enemies for better replayability
  • Experimental progressive AI

2 player option is available on this game.

TV Player Vs VR Player